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Services and Solutions


Logo Design and Corporate Identity

All companies need a corporate identity, no matter what's their size. The first impression a possible client has about this company is through its logo. And hopefully, in the future, the company will be known for this identity created.

Site Development

This is a necessary tool for all companies. If a site is well developed, it transmits a sensation of greatness, regardless of the company's size.

There are lots of advantages, among them, are: time and financial reduction for the products or services displayed anywhere in the world, the possibility of offering technical or commercial support to clients and maintain partners, suppliers and clients.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

When a company needs to update its site content, despite the frequency, it's not necessary to make high maintenance costs commitments. With the content management system, the administrator or the company's employee in charge, applies the updates and data changes through a control panel with a user friendly interface according to the demand.

Graphic Design

The printed material together with the right strategy, still is the type of media that produces the most return on leads. It's always good to make a printed material that stands out initially for the potential client, so afterwards you can complete your information with the support of digital media, which has lower costs.

Web Marketing – Google Adwords/Social Medias

After finishing your project, it's time to put it to work. There are many ways for you to market your project. One of the ways we specialize in is through Google's AdWords system. We chose to begin with Google – AdWords and after we reach it's range capacity, explore other tools like Yahoo!. We develop the campaign based on your projects characteristics. The follow up and necessary training is given, in order for you to know how to modify your strategy and analyze your visitor's profile, if it's in your interest.

Another good strategy is through social medias. However, not all fields are recomended for this type of marketing. It's always necessary an evaluation.

System Development

A new trend, which uses web programming languages. These systems are built exclusively to adapt to the company's necessities. Some examples are:
- Administrative systems with remote access, password protected. It isn't necessary to stay full time in the company to make decisions, proceed with sales or administrative processes, cash flow control and evaluate performance anymore.
- Marketing systems with remote access for digital marketing using your database. Schedule appointments automatically, confirm reservations according to the client's demands, remote contracts and forms fill outs, database design, among infinite possibilities.


Save time with internal meetings and bring the company's departments and sector closer to one another by informing about the latest news and guidelines. Simplify access do documents, manuals, images, or any other kind of files, among other specific functions.

DVD authoring and Development

A good option for video display. It could be institutional/promotional videos, portfolio material, or even seminars, training, courses and events.

Multimedia Development

Materials with a dynamic edge, in CD or DVD, which can combine videos, animations, text and sound.


Nowadays, due to all the technological progress, the investment for create commercials, institutional films, clips and political campaigns could have a lower cost than you would imagine.

Professional Photography

A successful project begins with a quality photo. If the company's has the necessary resources, it's essential to have good pictures. It could be fashion, runway, studio, product, landscape, among other types.


This is the only way to demonstrate a product's function at project level. Other uses include: site introduction, multimedia presentation and institutional films openings. The goal is to enrich the material.

3D Modeling

Electronic models, product conception, general illustrations. All of these items give a better credibility for the product.

Project Formatting

A great idea is not always displayed in the right way. The idea or project has to be well presented to approve its execution.

Database Design

A company's good organization can represent a significant cut down on time, that when converted in financial resources, could result in thousands. The database design is done exclusively to meet all of the company's demand.

Professional Training

Hour/lesson ministered by a professional that works actively in the field. The goal is to upgrade the knowledge on graphics programs to the interested ones. Not only on the operational basis but also on graphical concepts and trends:
Knowledge on:
- Photoshop
- Corel Draw
- Dreamweaver
- CSS Styles
- Flash